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Remodeling Your Kitchen

kitchen remodel, custom home, building

Remodeling your Kitchen? Remodeling is an exciting endeavor to bring the home that you already own into your needs today. Often times when people are remodeling their kitchen, it can be very difficult because of the loss of function for your household during constructions.  By planning everything out strategically with your contractor, you can minimize… Read more »

Include in Your House Plans – Gas or Wood Fireplace?

When deciding whether to include a gas or wood fireplace there are five different areas to discern. Look-and-feel Cost Maintenance Convenience Environmental Responsibility Your lifestyle and priorities will determine which of these areas are more important to you. Let’s discuss the different areas. Look and Feel. This is all personal preference. Some prefer the look… Read more »

Countertops in your Home Building

counter tops, granite, kitchen remodel

Whether you are building or remodeling, in Waunakee or Sun Prairie, Counter Tops are important. Counter Tops and Custom Home Building – Which Material Is For you? There are many different kinds of countertops. When remodeling your home try to keep these options in mind. Each comes with its own price range and maintenance procedures…. Read more »

Stairwell Lighting – In Your Custom Built Home

stairwell lighting, remodeling, custom built

Stairwell Lighting – In Your Custom Built Home Stairwell Lighting is not only convenient but truly has become a safety factor. As fewer and fewer of us live in ranch style houses, we are becoming more and more dependent on stairs to bring us from one living space to another. Lighting along the stairs is… Read more »

7 Great Places for an Outlet in Your Custom Built Home

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7 Great Places for an Outlet in your Custom Built Home Sounds kind of mundane doesn’t it? But planning your electrical access is very important for ease of living. These suggestions are not your standard ideas…such as “one every 12 feet along the footboards.” Floor Outlets in Great Room for Lighting etc. Many new built… Read more »