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Keep Your Home Plans Flexible When Building

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Keep your home plans flexible when building! There are so many things to take into consideration when planning your custom built home. Make sure that you don’t get too specific to your needs today, and do include the needs for the future. You may have young children right now, and it’s hard to believe it,… Read more »

To Build or Buy your Washer & Dryer Platforms…

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Washer & Dryer Platforms to build or to buy? Amazingly, 20 years ago this was not an issue. Of course Pinterest wasn’t invented yet either! These days it is common for people to buy a front load washer. When you have the old fashioned top loading washer, there is no need for a platform because… Read more »

What Major Storage to Consider in your House Plans-

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Major storage to consider in your House Plans There are so many things to consider when planning your custom built home that it can get overwhelming to remember everything. Here are a few storage ideas that we have put together from people’s comments AFTER they built their house. Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve… You can never have too… Read more »

What Kind of Ceilings to Include in Your House Plans?

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Include Your Ceilings in Your House Plans! Ceilings are actually very important in planning your home. Most people tend to forget them and consider it a very boring fifth wall. Not so! Ceilings add light, space, drama, help define rooms, give style to a room, and can change the costs significantly when building a home…. Read more »

Door Hardware: What to Consider when Building a House

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Door Hardware: What to consider when Building a House There are many things to consider when choosing door hardware for your new home.  Remember who will be using them and why they are using the doors. Include the following in your consideration: Function: Exterior, Interior, Bedroom door or Basement door Style: Knob or Lever Material:… Read more »