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Design Layouts for Kitchens – Check These Out!

Though we are not designers, we have helped people to plan many many kitchens. Here are some layouts that you can use to develop your own design. Everyone has heard of the Kitchen Triangle – the space between the sink, stove and refrigerator. This is an important part of every kitchen layout and optimizes the… Read more »

10 Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Home Builder

Selecting the right builder is a key step in the process that builds your dream home. Asking builders the questions below will help you choose the right builder to create your new home. This builder will be the person who helps you make your dream come true, or not…so this is the most important person… Read more »

Ideas for your Ultimate Master Bathroom!

Here are some GREAT ideas for your Master Bathroom! Today, people are looking for that spa experience and they are also starting to look at living longer in one place. A luxury bathroom is a way to create that special space for your alone time. Here are some of our ideas of things to put… Read more »

Save Money While Building Your Dream Home

It can be frustrating to try and plan your dream home –you want the Taj Majal but your budget says something more like a motel room. Don’t worry, there are some things you can do to stretch your budget to the max. You don’t have to lose all of the special touches that you so… Read more »

Have You Thought About Bamboo?

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Well, have you? Bamboo is a fairly new building material that has some great properties and uses.  Worldwide, there is a growing interest in the development of bamboo products as a sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative construction material with the same building properties as timber. Its major benefit is the fact that it is… Read more »

Tips for Choosing a Home Plan to Fit Your Lot

Tips to Keep in Mind when Matching a Home Plan to a Lot Start with lot dimensions.Knowing your lot’s basic measurements and allowable building area will allow you to quickly sort through potential house plans. For instance, a skinny, long lot will do best with narrow house plans. It could also be a tall house plan…. Read more »