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Planning your Lower Level Bathroom-check out these tips!

Planning your Lower Level Bathroom-check out these tips Finished Lower Levels (Basements) are among the most popular renovation projects today. They are a great way to add living space without adding to your structure. Ideally the renovation will include a basement bathroom. This is a convenience that adds to the use of a bar or… Read more »

Home Building – Small CAN be Better!

Small Can be Better! A smaller home has a smaller carbon footprint and therefore requires fewer natural resources for heating, cooling and other daily living requirements. Small homes also cost less and take less time to build. Some homebuyers are looking at the greenness of the home; others simply want to save money on heating… Read more »

Finding a great neighborhood

Finding a great neighborhood is one of the first steps on the way to having your dream home built. Here are our suggestions for this process. Create your neighborhood wish list. Brainstorm before you go looking. Create a list of “must-have” features, as well as a list of “nice-to-have” elements you’re looking for in a neighborhood…. Read more »

UPGRADES – Choose Wisely!!

Upgrades – Choose Wisely There are upgrades you can easily forego, and there are those you should hold on to for dear life. A surprisingly large amount of the money you spend on your new home will be determined by the choices that you make — and those options are always changing. For example, granite… Read more »

Plan Your Ultimate Deck!!

PLAN YOUR DECK Many people treat their back yard like another room of their home, complete with furniture, accessories and décor. The best way to design and build the outdoor space you want is to start with construction of a good deck or patio. There are numerous options available for building a deck, talk to… Read more »