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Even More Maintenance Free Tips!

If you haven’t already read our other blog on Maintenance Free Ideas for Building Your Home – Please do! There are many good ideas in that blog along with some more that we have outlined here for your. These ideas are from our years of experience both building and owning homes. Under mount Sinks in Kitchen… Read more »

Maintenance Free Ideas for Building Your Home

Maintenance Free Ideas for Building Your Home We have been building for decades. We also have been maintaining our own homes for decades. Over the years, we have come up with some great things to consider when building your home to optimize it for low maintenance. Most of these ideas don’t cost much money and… Read more »

How to determine if a floor plan is right for you?

Probably the most important part of having a house built is the floor plan. Doesn’t matter how fancy the finishes, or large the square footage of the home, if the plan doesn’t work for your family – you won’t enjoy living there. So how do you look at some lines on a piece of paper… Read more »

Will you get your Money back on your Home Renovation?

Will you get your Money back on your Home Renovation? It’s a question that anyone planning a remodel/renovation asks: How likely am I to get the money back when I sell my house? There’s no easy answer, because what a buyer might be willing to pay depends on many factors — everything from the choice… Read more »

Tips for Remodeling your Master Bedroom

GalleryTips for Remodeling your Master Bedroom   Master bedrooms sell homes, or they DON’t sell the home. These days, Master bedrooms have become very important to buyers. They want large bedrooms, with architectural interest and the ”an suite” that exudes luxury and spa like qualities. By remodeling your master bedroom you can add value to… Read more »