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Home Plans and Energy Plans – They work Together!

using landscaping for energy saving

Ways to Consider Energy Usage in Planning your Home It’s amazing some of the simple things that you can do during your planning stages to aid in minimizing your energy usage. Position and Placement of your home – Use your lot to help control your climate. What is the sun placement on your home? Are… Read more »

Make your House Plans Fit Your Future!

Make your House Plans Fit Your Future How do you make your house fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s too? By keeping flexibility in your house plans. Do you want a master on the main floor, but don’t want to be far away from the baby? Build a second room on the main floor that can… Read more »

Design your custom shower!

Design your custom shower! Ohh, there are some really cool showers out there for anyone to drool over. Here are some tips on ways to bring your custom shower to life. For people living in the lap of luxury, taking a shower is about more than just washing their hair. Modern shower designs now incorporate… Read more »