Monthly Archives: April 2016

How Builders Make New Homes More Spacious!

How Builders Make New Homes More Spacious, Inside and Out Today’s homes feel larger than homes built years ago with new floor plans and architectural designs that create both real and “feels like” more space. Spaciousness isn’t all about square footage. High Ceilings One of the best ways to make a house feel much larger… Read more »


To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper? Wallpaper became a hot trend in 2015, and continues into 2016, making a big comeback with both homeowners and designers. Today, interior designers have begun revisiting wallpaper as a classy and modern alternative to paint, while also using revamped modern designs. The great thing about wallpaper now is that… Read more »

How to Plan your Basement

Remember to determine the best use of your square footage, and learn how to avoid common pitfalls. A world of fun is available in that dark and dingy space, but before you start creating the basement of your dreams, assess your wants and needs. What to Consider Before You Begin Space. Don’t be afraid to dream… Read more »

Plan Your Master Suite!

Planning your Master Suite When planning your master suite you need to keep many things in mind…Here are some of our suggestions for planning your master suite to work for you! Make a list of your priorities: what is included in your master suite? Bedroom Walk in closet Bathroom Where will your suite be located?… Read more »