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Pre Planning — Step One Before Ground Breaking

Efficiency is a key part of any building project. Preplanning is a need for any builder who wants to be efficient. How else will they finish a property on budget, completed on time, and that thrills the client? Understanding the Pre-construction Process Pre-construction is often the longest process of a building project. It requires permitting,… Read more »

Four Big Considerations for Kitchen Remodels

Not every kitchen remodel has worked out well. In fact, many just cost a lot of money and the end result does not meet the expectations. Why is this? One of the big reasons is that design matters. At Design Custom Homes we take a different approach. In this new-kitchen-or-bust blog, we talk about the… Read more »

How To Choose The Perfect Wood Floors For Your Home

Few things make a home more inviting than hardwood flooring. It’s a classic look that adds warmth and depth to your rooms. Wood floors can enhance any decor, and they’re beautiful on their own or with a rug to anchor your design. If you haven’t shopped for hardwood floors in a while — or ever! — you… Read more »

Got Space? Ideas for Repurposing a Room in Your Home

While most people wish their houses were bigger, some of us have the exact opposite problem. Whether you’re an empty nester with a bedroom to spare or a former freelancer who no longer needs that home office, having a room that you barely use can be a good thing. Don’t leave your extra space to collect dust and junk: Repurpose… Read more »


Outdoor Kitchens and Gathering Places Outdoor living spaces are one of the best ways to add value to your Southern Wisconsin home. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect accessory for those of us who like hosting parties, family get-togethers or who just like to create a beautiful spot for family dinners.  Outdoor Living Spaces – Rooms… Read more »

Choosing A Color Palette For Your Home

One of the joys of building a custom home is that you are in complete command: You get to choose the products and fixtures to create a livable space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Everything from kitchen tile to the color of your garage door is under your control. For some people, that might be a bit too much. At… Read more »