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Three Big Trends in Garage Design

The garage is often one of the most neglected areas of your house — in fact, you may not even consider it a part of your house at all! While it’s true that you’ll never entertain guests or tuck in for a good night’s sleep here, it can still be a big boost to your… Read more »

Custom Design a Home for your Home-based Business

Home-based businesses are more than just start-ups. A survey by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor for 2012, indicates that 59 percent of home-based businesses continue as a home-based business after they have passed their startup phase. Why is that? One of the reasons is that smart business people do not have to pay rent on their… Read more »

Three Big Trends in Playroom Design

If you have kids — or if you’re thinking of having some in the future! — designing a custom playroom to your home’s design can add a layer of fun that will help make their childhood a magical time. The right playroom design will be a blast for your kids and will also help keep… Read more »

Three Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall

They say that summer is the hottest time of year to buy a house, and they don’t specifically mean the weather. Summer is when people head off in droves to find the perfect house. As such, fall makes an even better time to find your dream home in Southern Wisconsin. “Why,” you ask? Well for… Read more »

Three Big Trends in Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom is your private retreat, so it should be one spot in your home where you can let your personal tastes and preferences really shine through. Because it’s often such a private room, you’d think that the master bedroom would be immune to most of the fluctuations of style and trend-setting features that… Read more »

Gutter & Chimney Preparation for Winter

  I know, many of us don’t want to be reminded that the snow will be arriving in the next few months. However, it is inevitable – so we wanted to share some information on those yearly gutter and chimney chores which may seem trivial, but offer a great deal of ROI for homeowners in… Read more »

The Latest in Remodeling Trends – Dining Room

The dining room can be a funny thing. We know that people want them, that’s for sure — practically no one remodels or builds a custom home with only an eat-in kitchen these days. But will you ever use that dining space? Sometimes dining rooms get so formal and fancy that they feel like they’re… Read more »

The Latest Trends in Custom Home Designs

For us at Design Custom Homes one of the most rewarding parts of working with our clients — whether we’re constructing their dream homes from scratch, building a new addition, or remodeling a room or two for an upgrade — is learning about everyone’s unique sense of style. We’re always impressed with the good taste of… Read more »

Three Big Trends in Living Room Design

The living room is the most public face of your house. It’s where you invite guests to sit back and stay a while, and it’s also the spot you want to make a cozy place to connect with family. Whether you call this space the living room, the family room, the den or the media… Read more »

Three Big Trends in Kitchen Design

What’s the biggest possible home remodeling project? It’s got to be the kitchen. A kitchen makeover is a big undertaking, and it almost always means living on takeout meals for a couple of weeks as your room is transformed. To make sure all the upheaval is worth it, it’s important to consider your design carefully…. Read more »