Monthly Archives: December 2016

Laundry Room Designs

Laundry might not be one of your favorite chores but it is a necessity.  Therefore, why not make the room in which you do this chore a little more appealing to hang out in? Make things easier to reach or more organized, or simply more pleasing on the eyes instead of having things strewn about…. Read more »

15 Smart Design Choices for Cold Climates

Tell the truth, how often do you think about the insulation in your home? It’s not like checking your air filter or changing burnt out light bulbs — those are the things you can see and that readily affect your environment.  There are many different types of insulation but I think most people think of… Read more »

Log Cabin Inspired Rooms

I have always dreamed of having a log cabin; however, I never knew how much time and money it took to maintain one.  Then I found that you can create the look of a log cabin in a room without having that upkeep.  You can have any room in your house be “cabin inspired” but… Read more »

What You Need to Know About What Your Home is Made Of

Brick, stone, stucco, wood, vinyl siding and Hardiplank are common building materials for homes, but not every buyer understands the nuances of their choice of exterior material. Yet these materials influence more than the appearance of your home: they also influence its quality, energy efficiency, sustainability and durability. “Most first-time buyers don’t know much about… Read more »

Holiday Home Protection Tips

The holidays are a prime time for burglaries. Many homes have a lot of high-ticket Christmas gifts just sitting under the tree. Not only are these easy picking for a thief but they are easy to exchange for cash even without a receipt. Those two factors are all of the motivation that a burglar needs…. Read more »

Home Winter Heating Tips

With the onset of the cold weather, and some days of just brutal cold — below are some tips to help with your home heating bill: Set your programmable thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and lower the setpoint when you’re sleeping or away from home. Clean or replace filters on furnances… Read more »

Three Rustic and Cozy Living Rooms

Wintertime in North America leaves many people yearning for warm fires, cozy blankets and hot chocolate. That can lead to dreams of comfy cabins, barns, lodges and mountain homes. The reclaimed wood, stone fireplaces and oversize furniture found in these surroundings make for a fuzzy-feeling atmosphere not worth leaving until the snow melts. Here, three… Read more »