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Home Remodeling Ideas: Additions

According to Remodeling’s online cost and value report, you can recover most of your investment in a house addition at the time of sale. Building an addition to your home may be a daunting task, but it can turn a house into a dream house you can call your own. Choose additions that are meaningful… Read more »

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

We all want to take pride in how our home looks to people who pass by.  Curb appeal is huge but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  I found this DIY article that gives six ways you can instantly improve or enhance your home’s first impression…   

Wet Rooms aka Bathrooms

There is a new concept in the bathroom remodeling world called a “wet room”. For people who have small bathrooms, the elderly population who want to remain in their home, or people just looking for something different, this has become an alternative to the typical, normal bathroom. It is an interesting idea; however, I find… Read more »


Bathrooms – They are either one of our favorite parts of our home or the room we like the least. The question to ask when we hate our bathroom is how to make it into a room we love. Here are a few tips on getting started with your bathroom remodel. Start with Usage Make… Read more »

The Color Palette For 2017

Well here it is a new year so why not “ring” in some new colors into your home?  Benjamine Moore has rolled out their colors for 2017 and they have a fabulous color palette from which you can choose from. They also have a very fun and interactive page that allows you to choose a color —… Read more »

What Causes Wood Rot?

Anyone who has owned an old house for more than a couple months will tell you that wood rot is a major frustration. In this post I’ll show you what causes wood rot and how to stop it. Wood is an amazingly versatile building material. It can molded and shaped to almost any form. It is an… Read more »

The Selemi House – Lot 137

Well, here it is January 1, 2017. Happy New Year everyone!  The work on the Selemi residence has been progressing nicely. We had a bit of very cold weather but the walls are up and things are starting to take shape! There is still much to be done but we are still on schedule for… Read more »