Monthly Archives: February 2017

Priming Before Painting

I think most of us have painted a room or two in our lifetime and some are far better at it than others.  Then there are those of us that throw caution to the wind and just start putting color on walls.  However, there is some prep that you need to do before you just… Read more »

Designing a Mud or Laundry Room

The mud and laundry room is becoming more important to the overall function of modern homes, with design that’s no longer just an afterthought. We’ve been seeing a trend for several years now, as the mud and laundry room ups its status. No doubt, it’s on the duller side of design coverage, but when you’ve… Read more »

Why Build A New Home?

building in Waunakee, construction in deForest, new construction in Sun Prairie

The Wisconsin Builder’s Association  has 10 great reasons why you should a build a home and we couldn’t agree more! We have several new homes that are currently being built – however, we are always available and willing to help plan your perfect home.  Call, email, or stop by and see us anytime. We would love to help… Read more »

Beige Is Not Boring, And Here’s Why

When it comes to choosing a color to add to your home, especially your walls, you are going to want to find a color that works well with the natural lighting in your room and that will look great with your furniture, all while still making a statement in your space. As one of the… Read more »

Busy Builders Are We!

We are busy, busy, busy! Foundation being laid, trusses going up, things are taking shape! The pictures reflect the three new houses currently being built in Fox Hill Estates located in DeForest, WI. The fourth house in this picture was the custom home we completed last October for another client. Our crews are really taking… Read more »

Roofing — Choosing the Right Materials

Installing a roof is a major expense that is why picking the right roofing materials is important. The goal should be to choose a roof that is long lasting and that still provides an esthetic value. The longer your roof lasts before replacement is necessary, the more value you get out of it. In this… Read more »