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If you are like me, you love those old homes that have style, character, and craftsmanship.  However, the time and expense of having to modernize and fix them can be financially–not to mention physically–draining.  So, what do you do if you want a new home with a vintage look? You build one.  The people in… Read more »

Our Newest Sun Prairie Home

We are in the final stretches of building this beautiful custom home for Tim and Doni. There are still many small items to take care of inside the house along with the garage doors needing to be installed and the landscaping created.  These two have been very involved in the building of their home from customizing… Read more »

Flooring For All Seasons

 Flooring is a complex topic.  In this Design Custom Homes blog, we look how to choose the right flooring for each season and for all seasons. We also, pay a visit to one of our suppliers, Sherwin Williams Flooring. Flooring Takes a Beating Good flooring must stand up to all kinds of abuse. In general terms,… Read more »

Is the cloud of winter starting to move on and you find your thoughts turning to a kitchen that could use some freshening up?  Don’t have money for a remodel or renovation?  There are ways to breathe life into your kitchen space with some simple things that you can do. Best of all, you can… Read more »

Sun Prairie’s New Subdivision – The Reserve

The Reserve is a new subdivision in Sun Prairie, WI located on the city’s northwest side. This new neighborhood will be situated on 200 acres, be comprised of 313 planned single family home sites, an elementary school site within the subdivision, and for all you dog lovers, a planned dog park! There will also be… Read more »

Remodel vs. Renovation: What’s the Difference?

Remodeling and renovation are not the same thing and believe it or not, and some people are confused by the terms.  So, before you decide to start making changes you should read the following article written by Cathie Ericson.  I thought it was well written and offered some very insightful, useful information and tips. You say… Read more »

Personalizing Your Custom House So You Have a Home

One of the joys of designing your own home is that you get to put your stamp on it. That saying about the “little things” mattering, well that’s never been truer until you sit down with the Design Custom Home team to discuss all of the things that go into creating a custom home. We… Read more »