Monthly Archives: July 2017

Waunakee Custom Home

Last month the Thompsons, with a set of blue prints for their new home, were in search of a builder. After meeting with several other builders we were privileged that they chose us, confident that we were the right choice. We are excited to join with them on this journey, working beside the homeowner as… Read more »

Tray Ceilings — Stylish Focals Add Charm to Any Room

A Tray Ceiling is an inverted or recessed area within the center of the ceiling. They can invert a few inches, or in grand rooms, they may invert several feet. Some are stepped to add more drama and style while others offer a single inversion.  The Benefit of Tray Ceilings  The biggest benefit that a… Read more »

Yahara River Learning Center

We are rounding the corner with Yahara River Learning Center! This has been a huge project for us, and not just from the construction standpoint. The land this Learning Center is built on was undeveloped; therefore, we had many meetings with utility engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, road crews, etc and then had to submit all… Read more »