There are several characteristics that make DCH stand out above other builders.

Integrity, values and people

Keith’s goal has never been to own a large construction company. Instead, he prefers to maintain a manageable book of business so that he can partner with his home owners and be highly involved in the communications and management of the project. One of the aspects Keith enjoys most about his work is meeting new people and developing life-long relationships with his clients. DCH has built its business and reputation by providing extraordinary customer service to all parties involved in the construction process. Keith has an inherent desire to do the right thing because he cares about making his clients happy for the long-term. This philosophy has generated a solid referral network, which has contributed greatly to the success of his company.

Unique and personalized construction process

Over the years, DCH has transformed into a custom home builder, because we have learned how important it is to really listen to our clients during the home project development process. No matter the budget or uniqueness of the home, DCH is prepared to make your building or remodeling experience as smooth, positive and enjoyable as possible.

DCH home owners experience a unique construction process that provides them direction and gives them the confidence they need to make decisions and finalize their home projects.

DCH Client Process

-We begin by hosting initial meetings to discuss preferences, including desired community/location, home specifications and projected budget. To be a custom home builder, DCH has learned how important it is to listen to their clients and to think outside of the box to help them find creative, best-fit solutions for their home projects.

-Client and DCH work together to review home plans and determine client’s long-term needs.

-DCH has designer draft custom plans or make changes to client’s existing plans as necessary.

-Once plan is perfected, client approves it.

-Client and DCH discuss exterior and interior material selections for home. Client works with DCH suppliers to make their personalized selections for home materials. This eliminates any surprising extras at the end of the construction process. Whenever possible, DCH avoids having allowances in contracts, and home owners very much appreciate this policy!

-DCH obtains bids from contractors and provides proposal to home owner. Client and DCH discuss final budget and any changes that may need to be made to specifications to achieve goal. Again, this process leaves very little room for unanticipated changes in construction costs.

-Client gives final approval to proposal, signs building contract and construction begins!

Reputable and experienced sub contractors and business partners

A crucial component to the success of any new construction or remodeling project is the quality and reliability of the builder’s sub-contractors and business partners. Keith has longevity in the building industry, along with a solid reputation for working well with others. These aspects have helped him retain respected industry professionals who are responsive, will do what it takes to achieve the client’s goals, and who will stand behind their services and products long after the project is complete.