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Year End Lawn Maintenance

When we are building our houses the last piece of the puzzle is the landscaping.  Typically, we only seed the lawns  instead of laying sod.  When we do the walk through with the homeowner we tell them how they should care for their newly seeded lawn – water, water, water! As it grows in it… Read more »

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodels sound great on paper, but they can be disastrous if you don’t plan the job accordingly. The reason for the caution is that bathrooms are one of the wettest rooms in your home and they also see heavy use. In this blog, Design Custom Homes discusses some of the issues and consideration needed… Read more »

October Yard and Garden Chores for Wisconsin Homes

Home landscaping is a major part of the value of your Wisconsin home. In this blog, we go over a few of the must-do chores for October so that come spring, your yard is rocking the block.  Lawn Care In general, mid-August through mid-September is the perfect time to plant a lawn from seed or… Read more »

Environmental Benefits of Wood Flooring

If you are wanting to add a sustainable flooring to your home, then look no further than wood flooring. There are programs in place that are sponsored by the federal government and the states that focus on regrowing trees so that we have a continual supply. In short, we harvest fewer trees per year than we… Read more »

Preparing your Home for Extreme Weather

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, many people are wondering how to prepare their home before extreme weather hits. Extreme Weather With Irma, the focus was on rain and wind, but extreme weather also includes extreme heat, snowfall, temperature drops, blizzards, flying debris such as sand and grit, and ice storms. That is a lot… Read more »

Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Fire is a constant threat for homes and can occur due to weather, natural events, or just carelessness. In this blog, we discuss fire safety tips that help homeowners decrease the risk of fire inside and outside of their home.  Start with a Fire Evacuation Plan The first order of business when dealing with fire… Read more »

Radon Awareness

Radon is a byproduct of the decomposition of radioactive elements such as uranium. While that sounds dramatic, radioactive elements are very common though we may not recognize them. Many forms of igneous rock contain radioactive particles, and igneous rocks are perhaps the most common type of rock found on earth. Igneous means volcanic and there… Read more »