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Do You Have Ugly Wood Paneling?

Many older homes today have a room or two…possibly more, that have wood paneling in them.  It was all the rage in the 60’s and 70’s but makes the room look very dark and dated.  Good news is that you don’t have to take it down to give your home a fresh new look.  Make… Read more »

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

The other night I was looking for something in my pantry and couldn’t find it.  I knew that I had bought this particular item and it drives me crazy when I know it’s in my kitchen somewhere.  There are nights I lay awake wondering how to fix these types of scenarios in my life…I know,… Read more »

DIY Washer & Dryer Pedestals

Many people have chosen to go with the front loading washers and dryers, and why not — they can do a ton of wash at one time.  However, that ton of wet clothes can also weigh a lot, not to mention the constant bending and/or stooping to remove those clothes to place them in the… Read more »