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Yahara River Learning Center

We are rounding the corner with Yahara River Learning Center! This has been a huge project for us, and not just from the construction standpoint. The land this Learning Center is built on was undeveloped; therefore, we had many meetings with utility engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, road crews, etc and then had to submit all… Read more »

DIY Washer & Dryer Pedestals

Many people have chosen to go with the front loading washers and dryers, and why not — they can do a ton of wash at one time.  However, that ton of wet clothes can also weigh a lot, not to mention the constant bending and/or stooping to remove those clothes to place them in the… Read more »

We are Building a Daycare Center!

We are in the process of building a daycare center in DeForest and we couldn’t be more excited about being a part of this project. The weather hasn’t exactly been very cooperative lately but our crews keep pushing on.  The Yahara River Learning Center is located at the corner of Windsor Road and Pederson Crossing…. Read more »

Do You Need Your Own Oval Office?

Have you ever wondered what the White House looked like after Jackie O put her decorating touch on it?  Could you use an oval office or perhaps a new West Wing on your existing home? Maybe you would even like a bowling alley or theatre room in your basement!  No matter what you need to… Read more »

Monticello – A Truly Custom Built Home

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Charlottesville, Virginia to attend software training for my company.  I brought along my husband to make a mini vacation after training was over.  One of the places we chose to visit was the home of Thomas Jefferson — Monticello.  Jefferson built his home on… Read more »

Gearing Up For Spring In The Yard

What’s on your spring outdoor to-do list? April is the perfect time of year to get your lawn in shape for the rest of the year. It is also the time to prune some of your shrubs and to get all of your tools in order.  A well-rounded spring to-do list looks like this:  Lawn Care and… Read more »


If you are like me, you love those old homes that have style, character, and craftsmanship.  However, the time and expense of having to modernize and fix them can be financially–not to mention physically–draining.  So, what do you do if you want a new home with a vintage look? You build one.  The people in… Read more »

Our Newest Sun Prairie Home

We are in the final stretches of building this beautiful custom home for Tim and Doni. There are still many small items to take care of inside the house along with the garage doors needing to be installed and the landscaping created.  These two have been very involved in the building of their home from customizing… Read more »