COVID-19 Stay Home Order

Earlier today Governor Evers ordered Wisconsin residents to stay in their homes starting this week to slow the spread of COVID-19. As a provider of essential services, Design Custom homes will continue to do…
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Cortland Park Condominiums

This brand new condominium complex is just getting started and the first duplex is finished and open to those wanting to see the inside. These beautiful 1,763 sqft units are well planned and offer:…
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Upgrading Your Custom Home

Sometimes you outgrow your custom home. It can be easier to upgrade your home than it is to sell it and buy a new one. It is often a less expensive process too.  If…
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Five Changes People Add Mid Build

Designing a custom home is an experience that most people find positive. It can also be challenging too. Most of the problems come after we start to build. That is when many people want…
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The Den Nation

Dens have become a staple of American home-life. However, the art of a great den is somewhat mystifying to many people. At Design Custom Homes, we understand the importance of a den and the…
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