Add a Three Season Porch to your Custom Built Home!

Talk about an inexpensive way to add square footage to your house. A three season porch can give you extra space to enjoy nature in the luxury of your own home.

What is the difference between a screened porch and a three season porch? Insulation and windows. The three season porch is meant to be usable during all but the winter months. The only thing it doesn’t have is heat from your furnace. Each builder has their own idea of what is included in a screened porch and a three season porch. Make sure that you have clear expectations when talking to builders and getting quotes. Design Custom Homes builds a three season porch with insulation not just in the walls, but also underneath the structure in the floor. This helps keep the floor from wicking the cold into the room during the colder nights when you might be enjoying a relaxing evening outside/inside with nature.

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Make sure that you discuss the type of windows that you want in this room. They will be part of the weather barrier for temperature moderation and should be specific to your needs. Discuss the room attachment from your three season porch to your house. It may be that your structure will tie easily into the existing structure of your home, or you may need to do some modifications to attach it.

Another detail to point out is that you want to make sure that you have access to stairs to reach your back yard. You don’t want to be going through the house to get to the yard. You also want to make sure that you have an extra uncovered section of your porch that you can use for barbequing. You will never barbeque inside the covered porch so plan accordingly.

Think about the room and how you wish to use it…do you want to make this cedar lined? Have a fan installed for those hot summer days? Will you want electrical access out there? All these are important considerations.

A three season porch is a great quick remodel to consider for updating your home. It is an excellent way to add value when you re-sell and will give you years of family time outdoors.

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