About Us


Everyone defines success differently. At DCH, we strive to provide extraordinary customer service and quality construction so we are sure to have clients who are completely satisfied and happy in their homes for years to come. At the end of the day, we are happy when you are happy! This is how we define our success.

Since 1995, the principal of the company, Keith Holmes, has had a solid reputation in the construction industry in South Central Wisconsin, remodeling and building custom homes for countless families, and taking into consideration their existing and potentially changing needs going forward.

Keith has extensive experience in the trades and construction industry. He has worked with many developers, has good relationships with other builders and has gained a reputation for doing the right thing. In fact, his associates nominated him to represent them as a board member from 2005-2010 for the Madison Area Builders’ Association (MABA).

Keith’s goal has never been to own a large construction company. Instead, he prefers to maintain a manageable book of business so that he can partner with his home owners and be highly involved in the communications and management of the project. One of the aspects Keith enjoys most about his work is meeting new people and developing life-long relationships with his clients. This is what makes DCH different from other builders.

At DCH, it is a team effort to get the job done. There are many people and organizations involved in bringing a job to completion, and each of those contributors is vital to the process. From the sub contractors and the material providers to the accounting division and the title company, everyone plays a huge part in bringing a project to its close.

As you’ll find in working with us, the DCH Client Process is designed to provide the direction and confidence every home owner should expect during their building or remodeling experience. We look forward to working with you!