Stairwell Lighting – In Your Custom Built Home

Stairwell Lighting – In Your Custom Built Home
Stairwell Lighting is not only convenient but truly has become a safety factor. As fewer and fewer of us live in ranch style houses, we are becoming more and more dependent on stairs to bring us from one living space to another. Lighting along the stairs is still not expected in every house, but it should be.

stairsThere are different ways to light the stairs. As you can see in the photo to the left, you can install lights along the wall that the stairs are built against. These lights would stagger up the wall, close to the tread height, to light the steps.

Another way to light the steps is to use the rope lighting stairs2that is so easy to install. This can go between the stairs and the wall, giving a continuous light almost a glow, down by the feet for safety.

You can also use LED step lights, these run about $30 and can be placed along the center of the stair to give more lighting right where the feet are walking. A good idea for those older people who may not see well in the dark.


Don’t forget to think about EXTERIOR Stair lighting. This is just as important as interior stastairs5ir lighting. Many of the step lights that are readily available are both indoor and outdoor capable but not all, so make sure that you keep this in mind when ordering.
Stair lighting is both functional and beautiful.

There are many options out there so have fun with it.

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