Countertops in your Home Building

Whether you are building or remodeling, in Waunakee or Sun Prairie, Counter Tops are important.

Counter Tops and Custom Home Building – Which Material Is For you?

There are many different kinds of countertops. When remodeling your home try to keep these options in mind. Each comes with its own price range and maintenance procedures. The looks lend toward certain styles so make sure that you match your style, not just your price tag.

Composite Countertops

Formed out of recycled materials; composite countertops inhibit bacteria growth, resist stains, scratches and heat. Check on the materials, they will let you know if the composite is low or VOC free and if it is food safe. Many of the composite materials require special maintenance. The fun part of these countertops is that they come in many colors, ranging from natural looking to neon!


This used to be the most common material used for countertops. It’s come a long way since the 60’s and now you can get any look you want with photo ingrained technology it can look like wood, water, rocks, granite all in multitudes of colors. This material is very cost effective and has hundreds and hundreds of choices. The negatives are:

  •  Formica is not as durable as natural stone.
  •  Abrasive cleaning may cause marks and damage.
  •  Will look dull and old if damaged.
  •  Easy to cut and scratch.
  •  Not resistant to heat. Hot objects could leave a burning mark, and these are not easy to remove.


Cement is a great medium for countertops as long as you use a sealer. Without a sealer it can stain even from water. The limitless color possibilities are a major advantage of using cement. Just dye it to match the color you desire. With onsite casting, you can make the countertops in any shape and size.The madison area doesn’t use a lot of Cement countertops – you will find these mostly in the city.


Quartz is a manufactured product and can be very attractive. It has a wider range of colors than granite. It has the same durability as concrete and granite but does not chip as easily.

Granite/Natural Stone

Like many things, granite countertops have their advantages and disadvantages. Pros • Granite adds value to your home. • It’s sanitary — bacterial contamination is not a problem with granite. • Formed by heat and pressure, it can take the heat of a pan. • It’s easy to clean with warm water and a mild detergent. • Each slab of granite is different, so it may not be a good choice if you prefer a completely uniform look. • Granite itself is expensive, and the labor-intensive installation can run three times more than the cost of the material.

Bottom line, countertops are a personal choice. Make sure that you take into consideration what your lifestyle includes with cleaning, price and look.


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