To Build or Buy your Washer & Dryer Platforms…

Washer & Dryer Platforms to build or to buy? Amazingly, 20 years ago this was not an issue. Of course Pinterest wasn’t invented yet either! These days it is common for people to buy a front load washer. custom build platforms, house plans, waunakee, platform, When you have the old fashioned top loading washer, there is no need for a platform because you are working at about counter height for loading and unloading your washing machine. However, when you have a front load washer, it is considered that you are doing a lot more bending. So to alleviate this extra stress on your back, we have invented the platform for your washer and dryer. Now, here comes the tricky part. Do you have it built into your home – perhaps using the same ceramic tile that is on your laundry room floor? platform plans, builder, custom build, Sun PrairieYou could also choose to use the same materials as the cabinets in your laundry room. Building a platform is also a choice – you can have your builder do this for you when you have your new home built, or you can DIY it with one of the 20 plus plans that you can find on Pinterest for building a platform for your washer and dryer. Platform, custom build, builder, custom home plans, DeForestOnce you open this platform can of worms, there are more decisions to make and details to take into consideration. What is the height of person who does the majority of your laundry? What is the height of the washer and dryer that you will be using in this newly built house of yours? Do you want function with your platform or merely height? All of these will help you to determine the height of the platform that is being built for the washer and dryer. Do you purchase one already made – with your new washer and dryer. This way it will match your finish of the washer and dryer that you use. There are some fun and colorful options now ranging from white to fire engine red. You can purchase one of these (you will need two, one for each of your washer and dryer) for anywhere from $139 to $400. It all depends on the bells and whistles that you want included. You can get fancy and have a drying drawer, or practical and have a storage drawer, or cost-effective and just have a plain pedestal. washer platform, dryer platform, custom build Isn’t it amazing the number of details that you need to include you in your house plans? This is a great consideration for BEFORE you start building your custom home. You should include it into the home plans that you and your builder agree on. This will help your construction go smoothly especially if you are having the platform built into the laundry room.


Have questions on building your own platform? Give us a call and we’ll share some simple tips to help!

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