What Different Types of Tubs are there to Use in Your Custom Home?

What different types of tubs to use in your custom home…

If you are building a custom home, you are probably realizing that there are a ton of decisions involved in the process. First is finding the lot to build on, then deciding on the builder, then financing, then the house plans and then onto the individual items within the house. It truly requires a lot of decision making during the entire process.bathtub

Here we are discussing a major bathroom item; the tub. In deciding on the tub, first you must know for which bathroom you are choosing. for the master bath, the tub is considered a luxury item, not a chore. This is usually a pampering function, not for everyday getting ready for work. Who is going to be using the tub? A tall person, large person, more than one person? What is the layout and style of your bathroom? You need to know the measurements for where the tub will be located. If it is not a large area, but luxury is desired, then you can get a normal sized tub that is extra deep so that there is still a soaker quality to the bath experience.

bathroom remodel, bathtubIf the area is large and in a corner, then you have the option of a corner tub. This will be very convenient for having more than one person bathe at a time. These also can have the option of jets and all sorts of extras.

clawfoot tub, bathroom remodel, house plansIf your home style is more classic or farmhouse or “antique” and you have a large space for the tub to reside, then a claw foot tub can be a great addition to your bathroom. These are usually quite deep and have a range of options for the faucets.

If your home is more contemporary and you have a lot of space, there are many free standing tubs that are quite modern and add an edge to the look of the bathroom.bathroom remodel, bathtub, custom home

There are some newer tubs out there that are specially designed for elderly or disabled people. These tubs have a door in them that seals shut to hold in the water, but makes it safe for entering and exiting the tub. Whichever tub you decide on, make sure that you take usage into consideration and check out the different types of tubs that are available to you!bathroom remodel, Sun Prairie, Bathtub, custom home

So…what is your favorite tub? How do you use it?

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