Even More Maintenance Free Tips!

If you haven’t already read our other blog on Maintenance Free Ideas for Building Your Home – Please do! There are many good ideas in that blog along with some more that we have outlined here for your. These ideas are from our years of experience both building and owning homes.

  1. Under mount Sinks in Kitchen and Baths – so you don’t have to cdeck Waunakee, porch Sun Prairielean the edging.
  2. Use a Wood Composite material to build your deck and outside structures. No need to stain or paint it again and your summers won’t be spent sanding and treating your outdoor entertaining areas.small house Deforest
  3. Consider a smaller house. Our culture has opted into the “more is better” style of living here in the USA. Do you really need four bathrooms? How often do you use the formal dining room? Can the den multi-function as the guest room? We used to have kids share bedrooms-it was fun and a good lesson in flexibility and sharing. It’s expensive to furnish that formal living room-how often do you use it? Make sure that you are carefully considering the size of your home. You could put the money you save on the square footage into the finishing of your new adequately sized palace…hardwood floors for smaller square footage are more affordable. Those high end faucets are more affordable if you only have 2 bathrooms to outfit…
  4. Keep it Simple – Every piece of trim and molding needs to be dusted and cleaned. Crown molding, wainscoting ornately carved cabinet doors, stair spindles, ledges and shelving all need to be cleaned dusted and eventually stained or painted.maintenance ideas, Waunakee, Windows, Madison
  5. Consider “in window” blinds so that you don’t have to dust them. The kids can’t finger them and get them dirty or bend them.

These are our suggestions, like we mentioned earlier, we have built and owned homes for decades. Please check out our other blog at Maintenance Free Ideas for Building Your Home. We have found many ways to plan out your home to minimize the maintenance and maximize your dollars, and have more time living! Call us today for a free consultation and we would be happy to hear yours and give you our ideas for your home. 608-575-6507


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