Design Custom Homes — Why Custom Construction Is Adding Value


When you mention custom homes, people tend to think lavish mansions for Hollywood stars. There are those kinds of custom homes, but “custom home building” does not necessarily mean building a home with every luxury possible. Here is a look at how a custom home adds value to your life.

Built to Code – Made to Function

What are your hobbies, interests, and favorite pastimes? Maybe you are an avid reader, someone who entertains, or a budding chef. Maybe you are all of these things and more. At Design Custom Homes we focus on creating homes that function within your life. If you are an avid reader then maybe you want a library complete with built in shelving. If you love the idea of holiday parties, maybe what you want is a great room with space for dining, mingling, and dancing, or maybe you’d like a larger formal dining room right off the kitchen.  With Design Custom Homes you not only get a home that is built to code, but also one that focuses on how you live your life. We add function, beauty, and value to the place you call home.
It’s All About the Little Things

Think about all the little things, and there is a long list of them.

How many outlets do you want per room? What about outlets that are outside? Special outlets such as those mounted higher on a wall, in the kitchen, garage, bedrooms, etc. When you start thinking about the little things, think outdoors too. How many outside faucets do you want? Do you want hot and cold water access in the garage? Do you want a sink in your laundry room? Speaking of your laundry room do you want one upstairs or downstairs or both? If you have children a smallupstairs laundry room might be a dream come true. Other features to consider is room size, customized closets, the width of the hallway, and STORAGE. Storage is an important consideration for custom homes. You not only want more storage, you want storage options that fit your needs. We focus on function when we design custom homes. We add in beauty so your storage areas are out of sight. In so doing, we add value to your home. Value is the sum of function and beauty.

Building Your Dream Home

The sky is the limit when it comes to what Design Custom Homes can do for you. If you want that mansion with the six swimming pools, bowling alley, and movie theater, then we can do that for you. If you want a home that is beautiful and practical and that functions as your lives change, we can build that too. Custom homes do not necessarily have to cost a fortune. Customizing your home is as simple as asking that the living room be larger or that there is a fourth bedroom rather than just

three bedrooms. Customizing your home is about adding function and convenience like that second laundry room upstairs or that hidden storage unit off of the living room. How can we help you customize your dream home? Visit us online or schedule a free consultation with our professional staff.

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