Four Big Considerations for Kitchen Remodels

Not every kitchen remodel has worked out well. In fact, many just cost a lot of money and the end result does not meet the expectations. Why is this? One of the big reasons is that design matters. At Design Custom Homes we take a different approach. In this new-kitchen-or-bust blog, we talk about the four big considerations for every kitchen remodel. 

1. Start with Function then Add Detail

When you calculate value one of the parts of that equation is function. In short, what is it that you want the kitchen to do? Some considerations include that the working spaces be comfortable, counters are at a specific height and workflow is adequate for the tasks at hand. Don’t just add features. Features run up the cost of your remodel. That is not to say you cannot have features, but those features should mirror or enhance the function of the kitchen. Well designed kitchens give you everything you want and everything that you need. 

 2. Plan for storage and Usage

Design is an art and as such good design can hide things that you need, but that you may not want to look at every day. Most kitchens that are more than ten years old do not have enough storage. Plan, as part of the function of your kitchen, to have adequate storage. Plan also on usage. Kitchens have a finite amount of space. Make sure that when you set out to design your kitchen that you plan the usage of every square inch of space. An example would be:

  • An island with a prep sink and disposal adjacent to the stove and main sink. The rest of the island is a workspace for cooking, menu planning, and the far end is a 3-4 seat breakfast bar.

 What you have done is to take a function and add usage. When your designer looks at this request they not only understand what you need, but they may also have other options to add to both the function and usage. For example,what happens if you add a pull out shelf as a prep area, pedestal lights, a hot water dispenser on the sink, and a faucet that extends. Start with function, and then plan usage. 

3. Value vs cost What Are Your Goals

What is it you want the kitchen remodel to do? If you are about to sell, are you hoping that it will add value? If you have just purchased a home are you hoping to make the kitchen more user-friendly? By understanding your goals, your design team can help you meet and exceed those goals. Consider:

  • Resale Value — Keep in mind that the average house in the neighborhood is the benchmark for real estate pricing. If your kitchen remodel is extensive you could actually lose money rather than boost property value. 
  • Increasing the Quality of life — You want to make changes that make it easier to manage meal preparation in your home. You want to add features that add a bit of luxe to your home. You want things to look  nice so that when friends come over they are impressed. When you start your design with function, you can easily add aspects that increase the quality of life in your kitchen. Consider adding:Ease and function — You want to add details that make cooking easier. Consider adding organizational storage, sliding drawers and shelf pulls, adjusting the counter height so your back is protected. 

    • More storage
    • Better Appliances
    • Key features such as a double sink, better lighting, and a BBQ station

4. Why Quality Design and Partners Matter

Quality design allows you to have that list of wants by balancing usage with your list of needs. Design is what makes your kitchen functional, pretty, and a joy in which to work. The right design partner is critical too because they will not only sit down and discuss with your ideas, they will show you ways to make improvements, add details that you love, and increase function and beauty.

At Design Custom Homes, we help people everyday design amazing living spaces in new homes, custom built homes, and home remodel projects. The question is, how can we help you?

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