The Latest Trends in Custom Home Designs

For us at Design Custom Homes one of the most rewarding parts of working with our clients — whether we’re constructing their dream homes from scratch, building a new addition, or remodeling a room or two for an upgrade — is learning about everyone’s unique sense of style. We’re always impressed with the good taste of the good people of Wisconsin, and we get to learn a lot about the latest trends by taking stock of what clients are asking for.

This year, we’ve seen a lot of great changes in the world of interior design. The best trends of 2016 are highly livable and work with many styles — which means you’ll love them as much tomorrow as you will five years from now.

So what are our favorite home design trends? Take a look at the styles and materials we think have been most successful this year:

Living Room Trends

Open concept living areas are here to stay — people really love to blend all the best parts of modern living into one great space! When you erase the walls dividing the living area from the kitchen, you create a flexible space for cooking, homework, movie night and entertaining that will work for a crowd of any size. We love the way this trend brings families together!

Kitchen Trends

In addition to open kitchen designs, we’re noticing a lot of great colors being added to the cabinetry. If you’re wondering why your kitchen seems dark and dated, take a look at some of the beautiful new paint shades being used to brighten up traditional cabinets: Pastel blues, greens and yellows are all in the mix. We especially love choosing a contrasting shade for the upper and lower cabinets.

Bathroom Trends

Today’s bathroom upgrades are all about creating a luxurious space to relax in. In addition to adding soaking tubs with Jacuzzi jets and steam showers, clients are taking the spa theme to the next level by adding wooden accents to their bathrooms. Timber-paneled walls and and duckboard floors make a beautiful statement, and they’re more durable than you think.

For more detail on our favorite home design trends of 2016, be sure to visit our blog. We had more great ideas than we could fit here, so check out our new series on design trends for each room in your home — you’re sure to be inspired!

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