Three Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall

They say that summer is the hottest time of year to buy a house, and they don’t specifically mean the weather. Summer is when people head off in droves to find the perfect house. As such, fall makes an even better time to find your dream home in Southern Wisconsin. “Why,” you ask? Well for three specific reasons that we discuss in this custom-homes-in-the-fall blog. Let’s begin.

1. Fewer People

Fewer people buy homes after the summer rush so there is less competition. A couple of things happen when the number of home shoppers drops. The first is that are fewer bidders in the bidding war when you find your dream home. In some markets, it is still expected that a new home will go for 10 or so percent over the asking price, but with fewer buyers, that may not be true.

The second thing that happens when competition for new homes drops is that sellers become a little more willing to negotiate on price. That means that right now is a great time to look at custom homes in the greater Madison area. Home builders like Design Custom Homes are busy completing models for fall and winter. That means that you still have time to pick out colors and options. They also have a few homes that are completed and ready for you to decorate for Halloween. Ask about their incentives for buyers.

2. Tax Breaks

Interest and property taxes are two home-related expenses that are tax deductible. The tax laws change every year but for the most part, the two biggest costs of buying a home remain at least partially tax deductible expenses. That makes the incentive to buy a home before the end of the year a big deal. Talk with your tax professional to see how buying a house would affect your tax status. You might be surprised at how much a custom home can take off this year’s tax bill.

3. There Are Still Deals Available

The hoard of summer home buyers did not snap up all of the good home deals. For many families looking for their dream home, there are still outstanding properties available. Even if the pre-owned market is a mess, the custom built home market is always fresh. There are new homes being added to the inventories all the time. The real deal with custom homes is that they are designed and built to your specs and based on your needs. The real question for home buyers is why not go custom with your home search? With a custom home, you never have to fit into it because a custom home fits you like a glove that is made for you by Design Custom Homes. Give them a call today and talk about your housing needs.

These three powerful reasons to buy a home this fall offer you value, incentive, and enough reasons to start or continue your search for the home of your dreams today.

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