Holiday Home Protection Tips

The holidays are a prime time for burglaries. Many homes have a lot of high-ticket Christmas gifts just sitting under the tree. Not only are these easy picking for a thief but they are easy to exchange for cash even without a receipt. Those two factors are all of the motivation that a burglar needs. In this “keeping it safe” blog we discuss four tips that are easy to initiate and the help to keep your home and belongings safe. 

1. Light Timers —  Light timers are an easy way to make it seem like you are home, even if you are out of town. These are affordable, and most simply plug into the wall and then you plug a lamp into them. A few scattered around the house gives the impression that people are turning lights on and off. A good tip is to set them up to mimic your normal evening routine. The benefit is that that make it look like you are home and that can be enough to make a thief think twice about burgling your home.

2. Keep Your Vacation Quiet – Don’t mention you are leaving on social media. Thieves make good use of tools like social media to find prospects. Announcing your trips is like putting a bright light out front and leaving the door unlocked. Another tip is to not advertise big-ticket presents like new laptops, smartphones, etc. 

3. Add a Security Door – A metal security door should be part of your initial wish list for your custom home. If you missed that option, have them installed on your front and back door. Not only do they offer protection from insects, they help to keep unwanted “guests” out of your home.  A metal security door is strong and durable. While you are working on the security door installation, consider adding a an second deadbolt lock to the front and rear doors on your home. The harder it is to gain entrance, the less likely a thief is to attempt to burgle your home. 

4. Advertise your Security System — Those little metal signs that name your security company and window decals all help alert would-be criminals to the presence of your alarm system.   When it comes to security, consider adding a  security system or home automation system that is paired with an app that allows you to view your home through your security cameras. Then you can check with your home even when you are in another city. 

Thieves decide to target a home based on the risk of being caught and the reward for taking the risk. By keeping your valuables secret, you decrease the temptation for people to steal what you have. By showing off your security system you show that your home has an increased risk of getting caught and that makes your home less of a target. Thieves are opportunists. Take away the opportunity and they will move onto an easier target. These simple home security tips help keep your home safer throughout the holidays. 

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