Impactful Paint Choices

Moods, just like colors, come in variation. So how do we pick colors that impact our mood? With careful consideration. When it comes to designing a custom home, there are a lot of color choices that you make. Those include the color of your kitchen counters, the wall paint for your home office, the color scheme for your bedrooms, the living room, flooring colors, ceiling colors and a long list of other colors. That’s a lot of color choices, but an easy way to approach choosing which color goes where is to start with how you intend to use each room. 

Bedrooms — Restful, calm, serene 

When you choose colors for bedrooms think cool tones. Light blues, pale greens, and light browns are colors that create calm and soothing atmospheres. At the same time consider light colored flooring choices, such as natural pine, beige, tans, and light grays. You want to avoid bright colors as those stir up the mind and that makes it more difficult to settle down to sleep. 

Kitchens — Active, serene, hungry

Kitchens should be bright with lots of natural light. Yellows, oranges, reds are colors that stimulate the appetite and invigorate our senses. Warm colors make us hungry while cooler cools such as light blue make us feel full. Kitchens are an active place in many homes. It is where kids do homework and where families come together to bond and share meals. This is a place to share good times, laughter, and even entertain.

Living Spaces — Movies, games, and relaxation

Living spaces are a little tricky because the range of usual activities can be both active and passive. Living rooms are perfect for watching movies, napping, and reading a book. They are also places where we play games, watch the big game, and entertain. Color selection for living spaces is often mixed. In terms of paint, perhaps a bright, bold color such as yellow, vibrant green, or bright blue on one wall with a toned down version on the other walls. Flooring can range from dark to light. If your living space is small, go with lighter colors as they help the room look larger. If your living space is large, consider a dark flooring product with strong wood trim in a matching color. Again, color choice all comes down to how you use the room the most.

Cabin Fever, winter lighting, and time changes


These are events that tire us out and wear us down. If you are someone who does not like the shorter, dimmer days, then consider your color choices carefully. Warm-toned flooring such as terra-cotta tiles, nice rich travertine, or a wood floor that is medium oak are three ideas that help to bring warmth to a cool time of year. Wall paints, such as white with a hint of apricot or peach can catch the light and spread a little cheer too. 


For cabin fever, consider a sunroom with brightly painted walls, and bright decor. A bright area is perfect for chasing away the winter blues. 


Color impacts our lives throughout the day and even while we sleep. Being thoughtful about the color choices we choose in our homes helps us to be productive or to calm down and be restful. As you approach room decor and design, focus on how you use the room over which colors are your favorite.


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