Expandable Rooms — This Cleaver Building Design Improves Function

You might be wondering what an expandable room is as the concept seems almost impossible in a custom build home. These remarkable rooms are just as the name describes – expandable. The trick is that dividing walls are retractable allowing you use space in multiple ways. Let’s explore.

The Expandable Dining Room

A formal dining room is one of the best rooms in a home, but what happens when it becomes too small for your event? Everyone can relate to being cramped around a beautifully set table with hardly any elbow room. 

An expanding room design fixes this problem. What happens to that cramped space if one of the walls slides back and joins the formal dining room with the living room or kitchen. Suddenly, everyone enjoys the fact that there is more space. This little trick of design allows for the appearance of a formal dining room but also grants you the extra space when you need it. 

The Party Living Room

So your husband just invited all 37 employees to an evening get-together at your house. As the beads of sweat begin to form on your forehead you wonder how 37 people are going to fit into your living room. 

Not a problem if that outer wall slides away to blend the living room with your expansive deck. Suddenly, you have room for 50 people. 

Outer walls or sections of them are fairly easy to design so that they slide open. With good design, your living room and outer deck blend as though they are part of the same room.

To achieve a Blended Living Room

This is achieved with smart choices for decking and hardwood or stone flooring for the living room. This is a perfect feature for anyone who loves to entertain.

Expandable rooms are just that. They give you the power to enjoy the use of your home in many different ways. Other rooms that benefit from retractable walls are kitchens, bedrooms, family rooms. 

Secret Rooms

Along the same line of thinking as expandable rooms are secret rooms. The whole wall-slide idea is perfect to create a room such as a home office with an outside entrance and a retractable wall that opens up a small office into another space. This provides you with a usable office where clients can meet with you without limiting the amount of space that you dedicate to a home office or business. 

Outbuilding Benefit from Retractable Walls Too

These features work well in outbuildings too. If you have a home business then consider the retractable wall idea for your barn, equipment storage sheds, and even your garage. 

At Design Custom Homes, we use progressive design standards to create homes that people love. Can your home use a retractable wall? 

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