Got Drone? “We Do!”

​​Design Custom Homes has never been a stranger to technology, and nothing proves that point better than the aerial videos we’re publishing to illustrate our new projects.  While colorful and convenient, still photographs can never convey the sense of space and community that aerial videos provide. 

If you ever watch Smithsonian Channel’s Aerial America, you can get an excellent feel for what this media format provides. You feel yourself flying along with the video as it sweeps and banks over and around the subjects.  You’re actually becoming part of the show, with a commanding eagle’s eye view of everything.

Unlike a still image, you are able to see the expanse of the building, the size of the lot, the layout of the neighborhood, the accessibility to roads and highways, and even the proximity to other neighborhoods and cities.  Your morning commute is showcased, as is your weekend getaway route.





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