Yahara River Learning Center

We are rounding the corner with Yahara River Learning Center! This has been a huge project for us, and not just from the construction standpoint. The land this Learning Center is built on was undeveloped; therefore, we had many meetings with utility engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, road crews, etc and then had to submit all that information with application to the State of Wisconsin for approval. When we started digging and building we had no power at the site until the electric company trenched, ran conduit, and installed a transformer, which they completed just a few short weeks ago.  While the utilities were being trenched in, Parisi Construction was busy digging, grading, and paving the new road which has been named Timothy Court.  Parisi, in addition to the road, is also building the curbs and gutters to connect with the new sewer system.  It was amazing to watch all these different companies coordinate schedules and manpower to bring this location to life.

While we are still putting the finishing touches on the Learning Center, it is fair to say that this project got off to a slow start and all the rain that we have had this summer didn’t help matters. Our drywall subcontractors (Grade A Construction) and our siding subcontractors (Hoon/Brownrigg Construction) have stepped up to the plate and are working overtime to help the owners of the center realize their dream.  We at Design Custom Homes are excited to see the end results of all this hard work. We look forward to seeing all the children who will get to enjoy the natural environment that has been created for them and benefit from this wonderful new place.   If you want to find out more about this center you can visit their website at www.yaharariverlearningcenter.com or email the owner at yaharariverlearningcenter@gmail.com.  Enrollment for the center has already started and space is limited. Time is running short – if you are interested in getting your child enrolled submit your application soon!

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