Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

The other night I was looking for something in my pantry and couldn’t find it.  I knew that I had bought this particular item and it drives me crazy when I know it’s in my kitchen somewhere.  There are nights I lay awake wondering how to fix these types of scenarios in my life…I know, there are bigger things in life to worry about.  I do have a very easy fix to the problems in my kitchen, afterall I do work for a home builder.  But what about those people that don’t have connections such as mine? Or what if they don’t have the money to spend…I don’t either by the way, but that’s a different problem.  This was a slideshow show I found on the Good Housekeeping website that provides 15 different ways to organize your pantry.  While not all tips are “worthy” of incorporating, there were some that I thought were clever….


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