Yahara River Learning Center in DeForest, WI

Design Custom Homes’ biggest accomplishment, Yahara River Learning Center, has now been completed and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of this custom build.  If you have read any prior postings, you will know that we got off to a slow start with this project.  Weather did not cooperate and there was a hiccup in the state application process.  However, as the weather cleared our subcontractors were able to knock out the work as quickly and, with some help in higher places, the owner was able to get the application approved.

The center serves children ages 2 through 11. They have a high-quality 4K program, before and after school options, and summer camps for ages 5-11. The other unique feature to YRLC is that they are a nature-based program. Their playground and facilities are centered around their motto:  “It is our belief that all children need nature in their lives, that it is a good thing to be messy and dirty, and that we all learn best through experiences”.  There is really no playground equipment, rather a naturescape where children can climb on tree trunks, walk along nature paths, roll or slide down a hill, get dirty in the mud kitchen, or learn about all the plants and vegetation that will surround them. It is about exploring science and nature along with teaching love and respect for our environment.  If I had small children, I would definitely send them here!

 As you walk into the center you will find rows of little cubbies for the children on the hallway walls and classrooms full of books, blocks, dress up clothes — everything a child could want in a learning environment.  Also, there are many windows that allow a ton of natural light in and the ability to allow the children to feel a part of the outdoors instead of inside a sterile box. There are classrooms for different age groups, my favorite was the 2-3 year old room with their own little toilets and sink…too cute!  However, it was not designed for cuteness, rather to enhance the potty training experience as it is not a requirement to be potty trained to attend YRLC.  Another added bonus for many families.

There is so much that the Yahara Learning Center has to offer your child.  Please go to their website http://www.yaharariverlearningcenter.com and check out their enrollment, programs, tuitions, and teachers. They still have availability but once word gets out I’m sure they will fill quickly!













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