Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Fire is a constant threat for homes and can occur due to weather, natural events, or just carelessness. In this blog, we discuss fire safety tips that help homeowners decrease the risk of fire inside and outside of their home. 

Start with a Fire Evacuation Plan

The first order of business when dealing with fire is to remain safe. As such, make sure that there is an evacuation plan in place and that all of the tools necessary to evacuate are in place. This means drop ladders (which can be bought just about anywhere — Home Depot, even WalMart) and fire extinguishers are available. 

Exterior Preparedness and Fire Prevention

1. Trim trees, shrubs and remove weeds on a regular basis. The goal is to remove as much fuel so that the fire stays manageable.

2. Consider hardscaping as part of your fire plan. Stone patios and skirting help keep a fire from approaching your home. 

3. Inspect your yard for debris such as old pallets, lumber, and wood. The goal is to remove fuel.

4. Store fuel such as gasoline in a secure location that is away from your home and not in your garage. 

5. Install fire extinguishers near the outdoor grill, in the garage, and in outbuildings, such as garden sheds.

Interior Preparedness and Fire Prevention

1. Schedule chimney and fireplace inspections at least yearly and especially after large storms.

2. Store firewood stores away from your home and outbuildings.

3. Go beyond what the fire code asks for and make sure that there are internal sprinklers installed around the interior of your home.

4. Be sure to have fire extinguishers maintained and tested as recommended by the manufacturer. 

5. Be sure to replace your smoke alarm batteries annually – doing it on Halloween is a good way to always remember!

6. Keep clutter inside to a minimum and where possible choose fire-resistant fabrics. 

7. If you use a security system choose one that can detect smoke or a whole-house automation system that monitors for changes in room environments. 

Fire is a catastrophic event. Homeowners can reduce the impact of fire by being prepared and focusing on prevention and safety. To fully explore your fire prevention options, reach out to the Design Custom Homes’ team and we can answer your questions and show you all of your fire suppression options. 

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