Infusing Personality Into Your Home

Have you ever looked around your house and were hit with the realization that your great decorating ideas have actually turned your home into nothing but a hot mess? Or maybe you just moved into a new home and don’t know where or how to start decorating your space to fit your style.  I like to say my house has an eclectic style as it incorporates both mine and my husband’s style.  I tend to lean towards old, antique items like my luggage cart coffee table or my vintage cupboard that is used for boxed and can goods.  However, I have a husband who likes to add his touches as well and they don’t always compliment mine.  One day I came home and found there was an airplane shelf sticking out of my dining room wall.   Shocked…no, but it did make me raise my eyebrows, however, I can’t really complain as it is his house as well.    


I was reading the following article from Lonny Magazine and it highlights how one designer took her love of antiques, mixed with newer pieces, added pops of color and designs, to achieve a warm, cozy, comfortable modern farmhouse.  Maybe it will give inspiration to those who need some help in getting their design style started.   (Nashville Designer Ceri Hoover’s Charming Modern Farmhouse)


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