Year End Lawn Maintenance

When we are building our houses the last piece of the puzzle is the landscaping.  Typically, we only seed the lawns  instead of laying sod.  When we do the walk through with the homeowner we tell them how they should care for their newly seeded lawn – water, water, water! As it grows in it should be mowed regularly and not allowed to grow very long as weeds compete with the lawn grasses for nutrients, water, sun, and space.  The more you mow, the more the grass will grow and eventually choke out the weeds. 

Design Custom Homes started using WeedMan with our most recent houses and we have been very pleased with the results.  They actually have a very good article on their website called “The Last Mow of the Year“.  It highlights some great points about winding down lawn maintenance for the year but also what you should keep in mind to prepare your yard for winter.  Weedman’s website also has a lot of great information and solid tips to help you properly care for your lawn along with a staff that is tremendously knowledgable.


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