Top DIY Home Decor Trends in 2018

At the turn of each year, an abundance of home magazines get flooded with new interior design trends. For 2017 it was all about sleek, black & white elegance, and neutral colors. Simple lines and minimalism. Are things going to change in this year?

Let’s have a look at the trends that are taking 2018 by storm.

Colorful Kitchen Space

It is only February but leading style sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have already become packed with color-infused kitchen design. Black and white will probably never go out of style, but homeowners are deciding it is time to add some richness to bland and mildly washed out kitchen scenarios. They are including some warm tones such as rich mahogany and neutral blue to give their living space a special, cozy vibe.

Lively Home

Just as with the kitchen, many have decided to add some liveliness to the rest of their living space as well. No, they’re not splashing pink and yellow all around the place, but rather focusing on including warm tones of red and blue. This means that the days of already-kind-of-dull neutrals are definitely over in 2018. But if you personally like the neutrals, you can simply pair them with warmer tones and maintain a style that won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

What’s Up with Bathroom Sinks?

Feel free to say goodbye to boring steel sinks! 2018 is likely be the year of copper and granite-styled bathrooms. It is all about making your space unique and adding some of your personality to it – as cliché as that might sound! That’s why white steel sinks and faucets are turning interesting and going in a more rustic direction.

Florals Are Here to Stay

Florals hit us hard in 2017. Literally everything had flowers on it: shirts, bags, walls, pillows, sofas, etc. But guess what? This trend is here to stay and evolve. We are not yet sure what to expect, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot of floral trends in 2018 as well.

Simplicity Is Not Fully Gone

When it comes to decorating bedroom interior, it seems that many have decided to stick to the “less is more principle.” It’s all about soft design and soothing fabrics. And even though colors are back in, it seems that neutrals and calming colors are still welcome in the bedroom.

Simplicity remains a favorite choice in kitchen design as well. It doesn’t come as surprise since minimalistic design saves space, helps to keep the kitchen decluttered, and gives homeowners peace of mind.

Circles and Polka Dots

Geometrics seem to be sweeping interior design, especially circles and dots! Everyone is getting dotted pillows and sofa covers to add a splash of joy and playfulness to their living space. Dots might seem difficult to incorporate into your interior at first, but if you keep an eye out for interior design ideas, decorating techniques, and stylish textiles, you’ll find many fun ways to make them a part of your home.

Now that we’ve mentioned the 2018 ins, here are styles and items that are definitely staying in the previous year:

Dull Kitchens

Kitchens are definitely this year’s redesign highlight. It is time to brighten them up and loosen up the dull white-only rule. Perhaps you could combine black, white and wood tones for a cozy feel. As previously mentioned, many homeowners have tried out this style and social media seems to love it!

Bye, Bye Word Art

If something was a hit for the last couple of years, it was word art. Probably every home had at least one wall covered in a quote about love, friendship or happiness. Now that this trend is going away, we’ll have to find another way to express these concepts!

Barn Doors

Barn doors have been going in and out since the 90s. They gained a lot of popularity during the past couple of years but, taking into consideration all the new trends, they’d just be sticking out awkwardly. In 2018, it is time to replace them with a different and fresher version of doors.


Image courtesy of Premiumvibes on Wikimedia Commons, published under CC-BY SA 4.0

2018 is definitely the year of warmer and bolder tones. It is time to leave dull kitchen design behind and get a rustic sink for your bathroom. Make friends with geometrical shapes and dots and, what’s most important, remember to add a touch of your unique personal style to whatever redesign project you take up!

About the Author:  Matt James is a freelance writer specialized in home improvement, smart technology, architecture and design. He has a love of outdoors and spending time with his dog Cooper. You can reach him on Facebook and Instagram.

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