Multipurpose Basement — A Place For All Things

Hobbies are a way of life for many Americans and at Design Custom Homes we get your need for organized space. For that reason, our designers have a  few tricks for containing all those interests in an organized and helpful way. In this blog, we look at how converting a basement into a usable space that helps you enjoy your hobbies without having to build separate rooms for each.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Nobody wants to discover that your toddler has helped you decorate the nearly complete wedding ring quilt with a permanent marker or that the small parts for that model jet you’ve been working on for six months are now missing. Hobbies, whether for fun or profit are an investment of time and labor and while the rewards are often enjoyable, they can also be frustrating. Some hobbies take up a lot of room, while others might fit in a shoebox. One common goal is to keep your work safe and to that end, we offer many built-in storage solutions.

Because Design Custom Home’s has its own design team we can customize storage solutions to fit your projects. These include full walk-in closets with specialized shelving where you can safely store your projects out of reach of little fingers and little paws. Do you have an intricate hobby/project? Not a problem what if you could just wheel the whole table into its own storage unit and then lock the door until you are ready to work on the project again. Do you have a small warehouse worth of quilting fabric? Not a problem. We can build you a fabric storage system that helps keep your fabric organized and easy to access with features like cedar walls that help deter pests. The possibilities of customized storage are pretty much endless and the magical part is that our team will design storage to fit your needs, not expect you to accept standardized storage solutions.

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Built-in and Fold-down Furniture

Do you need workspaces that handle a varying sized project? We can build tables that slide out of the wall or fold flat to the wall. This allows you to add workspace as you need it without dedicating interior room space to tables and desks. These sorts of solutions allow you to use all of the basement space as needed rather than as a storage area for tables and chairs. Go ahead and set up a yoga studio in your basement. with customized storage and flooring options, you can enjoy a multipurpose area without all the clutter.

What would you love to do with your basement? Maybe a fun themed sports basement is your goal, or maybe it’s something cozy and comfortable for the whole family? Just reach out to the Design Custom Home design team and let us show you all of the options that fit your basement living needs.

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