The Bat Cave – Secret Rooms and Movable Bookcases

One of the best features of designing a custom home is the fact that you can add your personality into the design. While some people just opt for that odd color of paint, others go a little more off the deep end and create their own version of The Bat Cave. Secret rooms are one of those things that we see from time to time and for many reasons. In this blog, we look at why secret rooms are not only cool but also very practical. Here are some ideas from Goods Home Design that may help inspire you should you decide you just need one in your home.

A Safe Zone

Beyond the Zombie Apocalypse, people are concerned about safety. Secret rooms are replacing the bomb shelters of the 50’s with usable spaces that create a shield in the event of severe storms, such as tornados or hurricanes. There is also the fact that secret rooms help to protect children from themselves. By this, we mean a place where you can store a gun safe and they never know it is there. Along these same lines is the idea that you can create a safe space for valuables that goes beyond hanging a painting over a wall safe. Just move the fifth book on the third shelf and let that secret panel open. You should pick the title for that book from one of the worst books to read list so NOBODY would ever touch it on accident. 

The Privacy Game 

Need to work from home or hide from the kids, cats, and hamster? An office with a sliding bookcase door makes a great location. Well, mostly. The cat will always come and go because they walk through walls like ghosts. Sometimes you need to create a space between home life and work, especially when you work from home. A place where you can go and be in a working environment does just that. If you need to meet with clients at home, you can create a separate entrance for them and still have an inside entrance that does not appear as a simple door. 

Sliding bookcases and hidden rooms can be a practical means to produce privacy and you can always just tell the kids there is a ghost which is why they hear voices coming from behind the bookcase. 

At Design Custom Homes, we work with clients to produce solutions so that their custom home mirrors their needs and lifestyle. Is a secret room right for you? If so, what would it be?  Let us know in the comments. 

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