Built Smart – The use of Automation for Improved Living

One of the most important features of designing your own custom home is that you have the freedom to build conveniences that not only help you to save money but also help you elevate your standard of living.  At Design Custom Homes, we work with you to design a home that is as much a part of you as you are of it.

Smart Tech and Automation

Technology is what makes automation such a powerful tool. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, and design and manufacturing, the sky really is the limit for home automation.

Technology makes it possible so that systems bridge gaps and that coverage within a home is nearly complete. For example, you can automate your home security to your home entertainment systems along with the environmental controls.

Case Study:

A rental house out of state was vacant and the property owner noticed that the heating bill had surged. He assumed that squatters had moved in so he called the local sheriffs office to have them make a visit. No squatters. The increase in fuel costs continues and as winter approached he made the journey up to the house to see what the deal was.

As it turns out, a limb from a tree had fallen on the roof and caved in a skylight. All of the heat from the furnace was simply going out the hole in the roof and the unit was running almost constantly. In addition to the wasted gas and heat, the rain had gotten into the house and ruined part of the flooring and some drywall. In short, he had a real mess.

With home automation, the newer systems are so precise that they can tell you when the atmospheric pressure changes in a room or if you have a broken pipe in the wall based on the humidity of the room. These systems tie into your security system and in the case of the out of state rental would have notified the property owner of the change in environment to the home.

In your custom designed home, automation would do the same and more. You can automate almost everything so that when the system notices that you are in a room, it can change the ambient temperature to your preset ideal room temp.

These systems help you to save money on energy by helping your home run at peak efficiency. At night the system can turn down the ambient temperature in some rooms and keep bedrooms at an ideal temperature. If the system knows you get up at 6 am, it can adjust the heat in the rest of the house so that those areas come up to your preset ideal room temp. Also, automated blinds can be programmed to open and close so that you have ultimate privacy and your home can also take advantage of the sun’s movement. These settings allow you to open the blinds to let winter sun in for daylight or close them at night to prevent heat from escaping through the windows.  Alternatively, in the summer to close them, blocking the sun’s infrared heat when your air conditioning is running.  

These are just a few of the benefits of smart technology as it applies to smart home design. Reach out to our design team to learn more about Smart-Built homes.

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