5 Ways to Enjoy the Wallpaper Trend Without Papering Your Walls

Wallpaper has come roaring back into popularity in the past few years, and it’s an easy way to add color, texture and pattern to your home. Today’s trends can be bold or subtle, and you can go retro or modern, big or small — all without looking anything like your grandma’s house or your 1970s Holly Hobbie bedroom.

Nervous about the commitment? It can be scary to imagine that cute wallpaper sample covering every surface. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all-in to experiment with the trend. Try these interior decorating ideas to get the look without covering your whole room.

1. Accent Walls

Instead of covering your whole room, why not try papering just one wall? A wallpapered accent wall is a great way to inject a bold pattern and create a focal point without overwhelming your space. This type of accent wall looks especially good as a backdrop to a fireplace or tucked into the eaves of the house, where the slanted walls will cut off the pattern and highlight architectural interest.

2. Closets and Cabinets

Create a secret surprise to enjoy when you open your closet door. Papering a closet is a whimsical touch that lets you experiment without the commitment. You can also add paper to the back walls of your kitchen cabinets or along the back of bookshelves. The pattern will be partially hidden behind the items you store, so it will never overpower your decor.

3. Table Tops

Got a console, dining table, or end tables that has seen better days? If you’re feeling crafty, you can modify an older table by papering over the top to disguise worn wood, then having a glass top cut to fit. The glass top will allow you to enjoy the wallpaper without having to worry about keeping it clean — a simple swipe of a sponge will keep spills at bay.

4. Drawer and Shelf Lining

Even more subtle than papering the interior of a cabinet is simply using wallpaper to line your drawers. Shelf paper has been used to create a smooth, attractive surface inside dresser drawers for as long as we can remember, but you don’t have to be stuck with boring patterns from the hardware store. A single roll of wallpaper is all you need to turn your furniture into works of art — on the inside.

5. Framed Artwork

For a completely non-permanent, portable way to add wallpaper to your decor, try framing it as its own work of art. You can do this by cutting a piece of wallpaper to fit inside a large, glass covered frame — the bigger the better. For a modern, frameless look, purchase a large art canvas and wrap the wallpaper around it so the edges are covered. You can also do this with patterned fabric if you prefer.

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