Drawers vs. Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel: How to Choose

A kitchen remodel is one of the biggest makeovers you can give your home. Because you’re making such a big investment, it’s important to get every detail just right. Kitchen cabinets are typically at the heart of the design. They are, after all, the visual focal point of the room and the element that keeps everything organized.

Once you’ve chosen your layout, it’s time to decide what type of cabinets you want. Should you get traditional cabinet doors that close over a set of shelves, or opt for oversized drawers instead? Each style has benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Traditional Cabinets

Kitchen cupboards and cabinets have been around pretty much forever, making them a classic choice for any home. You know exactly what you’re getting: A large box with several shelves, all covered up by a decorative door or two. The great thing about cabinets with doors is that they maximize interior storage space, especially if you choose frameless, European-style doors instead of cabinets with face frames. They’re also great for holding large items like that stand mixer or a blender you don’t use all the time.

The major drawback of cabinets is that it’s not easy to reach everything you need. Sure, you have plenty of depth down there, but that means you’ll have to get down on your knees and dig around to find that item in the back. It’s also dark in there, so it’s generally not convenient to find what you’re looking for.

Deep Drawers

Many modern kitchens sport banks of deep drawers instead of traditional base cabinets. These are great because it’s much easier to find everything you need without bending or twisting to do so: Just pull out the drawer, and everything is in sight and easy to lift out. Deep cabinet drawers are sturdy enough to hold all your pots and pans, plus plenty of small appliances and even plates or glasses, if you use the right dividers.

The downside to drawers is that they take up some additional room in your cabinet, which cuts down slightly on your total storage space. They also might not be tall enough to hold your biggest items, and they don’t work well under the sink or in corners. Also, the additional moving parts may not be as durable as a simple cabinet door as your kitchen ages.

The Compromise Solution

If you can’t decide between cabinets and drawers, there is a middle way: pullouts. These sliding shelves glide out of a cabinet on drawer slides, allowing you to easily reach everything in your cabinets. When you’re done, they tuck back into the cabinet and allow you to close your traditional doors over them. Pullouts are easy to retrofit into traditional base cabinets and give you the option of having some drawer function without committing to the look throughout your kitchen.

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