Yard Lighting For All Year

Yard lighting for all year takes the idea of holiday lights and applies that concept to events that occur year-round. You could just make a list of holidays that are important to you and stop there. However, yard lighting does a lot more than show off your festive nature. In this blog we discuss some reasons why you might consider year-round lighting options for your yard

  1. Increased Safety – Yard lights can help light up walkways which helps to guide guests to your door. Another aspect of yard lighting is that a lit yard reduces the chances of burglary.  All that light means that a burglar is likely to be spotted and that is often a reason not to burgle. Yard lighting does not have to be on constantly. It can be motion sensitive so that it comes on when there is movement in the yard. 
  2. Increase the Outdoor Living Aspects of Your Home – Adding year-round lighting to your yard means that you can use those outdoor living spaces longer. As the shift between daylight and night occurs, special lighting for those areas that you use a lot means you can stay out later and enjoy the evening. Consider creating special places, like a hidden nook for outdoor dinners, lighting a patio for parties, or creating intimacy. A lit path makes for a wonderful evening stroll. 
  3. Themed lighting for all occasions – from home parties to celebrations for every holiday, yard lights add to the atmosphere. Holiday lights are a wonderful way of sharing the spirit of the holiday with everyone. You never know who you touch when you include lighting for holidays. There are many stories of people who are alone or grieving that find comfort just driving down a street full of holiday lights. There is also the added benefit of your own celebration and how lighting for those events makes your home life more special. 
  4. Highlight Special Features with Light – If you have special features in your yard, such as a water feature, you can accent it with lights to draw more attention to that area without making that attempt more obvious. As you create your landscaping, do so with purpose. A lit path to a destination, or the creation of small spaces that allow you your own space in a busy house can be golden. 

Yard lighting has many uses and it is a tool that helps you to make a yard your own by creating spaces that you can use longer in the year or to celebrate those special occasions. Learn more about yard lighting and landscaping projects that increase the livability of a home by reaching out to our team

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