Custom Cabinets and Storage for Your Garage

Look at all of that stuff. You have your stuff, her stuff, his stuff, our stuff, their stuff, the kid’s stuff, whose is that stuff, and more stuff. If you are in disbelief, just look in the spare bedroom where there is still even more stuff. Don’t worry, that’s just the overflow stuff from the garage. If you are tired of trying to find room for the car in the garage then it’s time to deal with all of that stuff. Now, we would never suggest that you get rid of that stuff, because it’s take a while to accumulate it and it might be important some day. We do, however, suggest a custom storage system for your garage that helps you to corral all of that stuff into a system that helps you find it when you need it.

The Master Craftsman Garage

Have you been watching one of those woodworking shows where they knockout a museum quality dresser in an hour? If so, you’ve noticed that every tool  is in its place and there is plenty of counter space to work on projects. Deep down you know you want that garage space. Well, the big secret is that you can have it. Design Custom Homes will help by listening to what you need and designing customized storage systems that fit your lifestyle, hobbies, and crafting needs. The best part is that there is still room for the car or three.

Storage solutions that Fit Your needs

We work with you to determine the best storage needs for your “stuff” situation. Options include custom cabinets in the garage or home office, shelving units that fit your needs, and movable units that help you organize your stuff by season, use, and date. How easy is that? It’s super easy and once you contain all of that stuff, you are free to use the garage to park the car and the spare room for guests. We can help with expandable storage in case you get more stuff.

We work with families that just have stuff and home businesses that need more space. We also work with new businesses trying to find space in their homes. Give us a call and let us hep you manage your “stuff” challenge. Professional, quality, and creative storage for your garage or home office.

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