Fireplaces – An Important Detail for your Custom Home

    Fireplaces! A focal point in your home. IMG_5004

When making your choices for finishes in your new home, it can be quite overwhelming. Try to focus on the major details and once these decisions are made the rest can fall into place around them. This room has a fireplace. There are so many different details here yet they all mesh together to create a beautiful statement. fireplace only 

Here the designer chose to incorporate both a wooden mantle and tile that has a “sea glass” feel to it. The individual tiles are tumbled and though you can’t see it, they have an uneven surface – almost a “wave” in the surface. The colors are muted so that they fit into the light and bright room of this model home.fireplacetile

 The mantle color matches the home’s trim and mas many details that were individually chosen. Have your design coordinator show you some different trim pieces to come up with a design that you love and fits your house. You may want to go online and search “fireplace mantles” to see what images come up that you like.    

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