Nest Building – Creating a home full of Comfort, Style, and Love

What is the difference between a house and a home? For many of us, a house is just a place where people live, but a home is a place where people LOVE to live. This blog talks about home features that turn your house into a home.  

Getting Started By Defining The Things You Love

Think back to your top ten vacations. What is something that you experienced on each vacation that made it memorable? Maybe it was the massive pool and water-based amenities with the hot tub, sauna, and spa-like features.

Maybe it was food or that little table in the corner with all the privacy and coziness? Perhaps it was the outdoor facilities where you enjoyed coffee and breakfast. Those special features can be part of your new custom-built home. Here’s a close look at the ingredients in that scenario. 

Water Features and Spa-like Options 

When winter comes to a close and the lion of spring fades a bit, the pools open. Why wait for all of that? A covered pool is easy to keep warm in winter, and you can enjoy it all year long. Add in features you love, such as a hot tub, spa, mudroom, and beautiful hardscaping that turns a simple pool into a vacation you enjoy each day. What are the options?

  • Pool and pool size – pools come in many shapes and sizes. Do you want a pool that is small easy to manage, or a pool that is Olympic-size and has room for many friends? Do you want to use the pool year-round or during the hotter months of the year? Do you want to add solar energy to heat and clean the pool? Do you want the pool covered or open?
  • Features and Add-ons – When we help you design a custom home, we want you to have the freedom to look for features that make you love the space. Add ons for a pool include a hot tub, sauna, mudroom, slide, massage room, etc. These features are all doable, and they help you personalize the pool area to fit your needs and satisfy your wants. 

Outdoor Dining and Entertainment 

Thanks to the advances in appliances and materials, it is easier to build custom outdoor dining and entertainment areas. From full kitchens to outdoor game rooms to fully enclosed fireplaces with comfortable seating, you can have it all. 

With quality and expert design, we can build resort-grade outdoor living areas. 

If you like the quiet space of your home, you can extend that to outdoor living. With four-season porches, you can blend indoor living with outdoor recreation. 

The recipe for a beautiful and luxurious outdoor living space include:

Hardscape – ranges from a simple patio to outdoor buildings. An example is an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grilling area, an island with electricity and water, and a fridge. You have choices of cement, natural stone, or pavers. The end design is 100% up to you and defined by functionality and style. 

Sporting Arenas – range from putting greens to practice fields to game day sports party areas with build-in TVs and home theatre systems. You can bring the game to life and watch as though you are center court. Add in rolling green lawns, and you can play along too. 

Comfort and Relaxation – fireplaces with comfortable seating allow you to enjoy a good book, date night, and coffee with friends. By adding shade structures you can enjoy the outdoors during summer, and with gas heaters, you can enjoy the same comfortable spot in winter. 

Indoor Options 

If you dream of a beautiful kitchen, extra-large bathrooms, and spa-like features, you are in luck. A custom-designed and built home can become anything you want it to be. Go ahead and add that huge fireplace, marble soaking tub, and custom walk-in closet with shoe storage. 

Intelligent design means that every square inch of the home is useful. Add in unique storage, work areas, and comfortable living areas. 

What is on your indoor bucket list? 

You can blend indoor living with outdoor excitement with a three- or four-season deck. These versatile rooms open your home to a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. 

Learn more about creating the perfect home by giving our exceptional design team a call.